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MysticalDat (Mystical Divine) Blog Is An Accompanying Website To MysticalDat Faith-based Life Coaching. A selection of latest blog articles and posts.

Next Time It’s Going To Be You

Next Time It’s Going To Be You was the start of a long thread of Tweets on Friday at 6:24 am 24th July 2020 on Twitter as our Father King continue to reveal how these evils inflicts evil on Me as I suffer, We Suffer Together as in King Divine Yahuah and Myself.

What Love Is

What Love Is was First Published On Twitter 12:37 pm · 24 May 2020, this Tweet came about as King Divine Yahuah our Father Reveals I will get criticise by others for collaborating with our Father. What others perceive, they don’t understand. Its all about Love as my Twin and my Father, Our Father I call Daddy, to Self Sacrifice with Him like Master Jesus did with Him more than 2000 years ago as they died on His Cross together due to Evil I do similar thing with Him Today.

Divine Spiritual Gifts

Divine Spiritual Gifts from Divine Yahuah to Individuals to be Used in Churches and when Divinely collaborating with Divine Yahuah as directed to use them outside of the Church as well. Share your special Divine Read more…

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MysticalDat (Mystical Divine) Blog is an accompanying website to MysticalDat Faith-based Life Coaching. It is dedicated to King Divine Yahuah (Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost) and His Helpers of Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters. It is in regards to sharing received messages and insights about the awakening of mankind as well as my own personal experience, current ongoing world purification process along with a look at Spirituality, Divine personal spirituality, spiritual understanding into meaning of life and the examination of life from a worthwhile perspective for one’s spiritual growth.

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