Life lessons comes in many forms they are embedded in life situations. Everyone’s life story is a whole story book.

There was a man who life has tried to teach him these lessons compassion, appreciative heart, determination and being grateful.

One day he walked on the street after having had a meetup with an acquaintance, he heard a man shouting for help. It was a very quiet street, he heard it again and this time stopped in his track so he can follow the sound of the voice “is anybody out there, please help”. He realised this was coming from the other side of the street. It’s almost like the person must be inside the gutter and it’s a man’s voice. The shouting gets more intense this time with desperation and pleading in the voice. He started running to the other side of the street, while going he thought to himself “how is it possible for a man to get in this type of gutter?”.

Upon approaching the gutter on the other side of the street where the shouting for help continue to come from, he saw a man’s head at the edge of the gutter and the man saw him too with a relief voice he said “thank you for coming to my rescue”.

The gutter was filled with dirty water and rubbish. The man stood there for a bit contemplating if he should help or just walk away. Steve was the name of the man in the gutter, he sense the almost good samaritan’s hesitation to help him so he pleaded again “please help me out of here”.
The good samaritan contemplated for a little bit and then asked the trapped man’s name and he said “Steve”. He said to Steve soon after “give me your hands”, I am called “Kan”. The size of the gutter and the two men made things a bit awkward to pull the trapped man out from the gutter. Kan the good Samaritan was now determined more than ever to help free Steve the trapped man from the gutter.

Steve trapped in the gutter was also helping himself by every possible means to manoeuvre by trying to hold his feet on either side of the wall inside the gutter. Finally, with many several attempts and determination from both men the trapped man was freed from the gutter. They both stood quietly for sometime to look at the gutter then suddenly Steve freed fell to his feet and thanked the good samaritan profoundly and he shook his hands too.

Kan the good samaritan clasped Steve’s hands and held it firmly. He spoke at last and when he did he asked the freed man Steve where he was heading, he told him where he was heading so they both walked away together. Kan the good samaritan said in his head “I have made my Angels very proud of me today” as he feels so good.

Everyone’s life story is a whole story book. share this

Some months later Kan the good samaritan was walking on a different street and the settings of the houses looks almost like the one he helped Steve the trapped man from the gutter. Kan missed a step and while trying to maintain his balance he missed and ended up in the gutter. Suddenly he remembered the question he asked at that time “how is it possible for a man to get in this type of gutter?” when he heard Steve shouting for help in the gutter. He now has to acknowledged he realised the possibility of this coming about as he is now the victim.

The sky looks cloudy, looks like it’s about to rain, he is now desperate to come out of the gutter but he can’t do this all by himself, he need help at this point he said to himself “the little help anyone can offer me I believe I can come out”. He remembered how the trapped man in his previous experience shouted for help and at some point, with desperation. He was too embarrassed to do this but he has no choice except to do it.

The clouds are forming “it might rain in a minute” he thought, and then it started drizzling so he said “I thought about this”. Kan was becoming desperate so he started shouting for help. He started slowly but went to a whole new level where he shouted continuously, some few people heard and they got closer to look at who he was but never offered to help they just walked off.

Kan examines the state of the gutter and realised that if it rains heavily the steepness of the gutter may make the coming water sweep him off and possibly wash him away. The drizzling has now become rain drops. People came and went, he was now becoming more desperate so he silently prayed in his head for a miracle. Minutes passed and few others come closer to helping him but looked at their watch or the clouds and then walked off. A miracle finally came when Steve the previous trapped man he helped in similar situation heard the voice calling “help” and the desperation in his voice.

The old trapped man from the gutter got closer and realised it was Kan the good samaritan who saved him some time ago, this time he need his help. The now trapped man saw the man he helped a while back and sight with relief but one thing disturbed him, Steve’s left arm is in bandage, “how is he going to help me out here quickly when its about to rain and running waters can catuch me very soon to sweep me away”. Kan remembered Steve likewise Steve too so the two men acknowledged each other with friendly greetings. Without further delays Steve now in bandage on his left arm said to Kan “I will help you”.

The man in the bandage said to him “I will help” and he reached his right hand and the man in the gutter clasped his two hands around Steve’s hand, he doesn’t know what to do next but Steve is so determined to help him he has already started to try and pull him out from the gutter.
Suddenly, Kan remembered what Steve did when in similar situation when he tried to get him out from the gutter, recalled how determined Steve a very trapped man at that time was determined to come out so Steve also did his part to help Kan get him out from the gutter.

“you can help us do this, the size of your gutter has many room to manoeuvre, lets do this” share this

The rain is now pouring hard, the running waters are gathering he feared being swept away, with this in mind he got so determined and try to adjust somehow in the gutter. Steve encouraged him by saying “you can help us do this, the size of your gutter has many room to manoeuvre, lets do this” with these few words Kan in the gutter got more determined and charged with every ounce of him to do what ever he can to help the now good samaritan Steve get him out from the gutter. And he did, suddenly he locked his knees on one side of the gutter and with a slow crawl each time he moved Steve on the other side pulled him.

Slowly Kan came out from the gutter and as soon as he did rushing water from the rain came to pass. A huge relief washed across his face and Steve’s. “O wow” they both said out loud at the same time. I could have been in there Kan thought to himself. As Steve the now good samaritan with left hand bandage try to clean Kan’s trouser with his good right hand while asking “are you okay?”, Kan now out from the gutter is becoming more and more irritated for reasons Steve who got rescued from similar situation previously by Kan don’t know or understand.

Kan the old good samaritan now out from the gutter stormed off without saying thank you or showing any sign of heart felt appreciation to Steve a very cool and collective guy. While on his way Kan became furious as to why Steve who just helped him out couldn’t do more than he did, “how?”, he thought he doesn’t know how but Steve could have done more regardless of Steve’s left hand situation possibly he could have convinced more people to join in pulling him out rather than him trying. Steve his good samaritan with a left hand bandage stood where he had left him thinking.

Thank you Kind and Loving Father our Divine Yahuah. share this


Kan the first good samaritan is meant to learn these life lessons compassion, appreciative heart, determination and being grateful whilst here on earth. Life lessons came in the form of two different but similar situations thus, life gave him opportunities to get him to learn.
From a higher perspective this will be what he may or will have learnt.

The lesson from the first situation where Kan was a good samaritan was when he decided to see who needed the help and as he got closer and saw the situation he decided to leave but then had a change of mind and heart to help Steve, the man in the gutter despite how awkward the situation was. Through this life situation activity, he learnt compassion although he may not recognise this to be the case but the feeling he held at the end of helping his fellow man and then walking with him is telling he is likely to repeat this gesture should there be a similarly situation next time.
The second situation held some repetition from the first with some twist and turn. This time Kan became the victim who needed some help while in the gutter. He had prayed for a little help to be freed. An answer to his prayer came when the man he helped Steve, out from the gutter appeared to help him but with a left hand injury.

Steve was very determined to help and even encouraged the good old samaritan Kan to be positive they “can do this together” as Steve gets determined to help and he does all he can with his good hand to pull him out. Kan the old good samaritan now in the gutter remembers Steve presently with left-hand bandage determination to get himself out from the gutter while in similar situation and he helped so he did a similar thing. Current situation such as the rain water coming soon to sweep Kan off if he is not out from the gutter and the words of encouragement from Steve also helped him greatly. The life lesson learnt from this situation and experience in this case is determination.

These two life situation were test for Kan to pass his life lessons to learn compassion, appreciative heart, determination and being grateful. So far, he has pass two of them compassion and determination. What he failed to learn from these two situations was appreciative heart and being grateful. He did not say thank you to Steve who helped him out from the gutter or showed any sign of being grateful for the helped he got from Steve despite his left hand condition and the words of encouragement he gave him. This is telling from the thoughts held about Steve when he walked off without acknowledging him or showing any sign of appreciation for helping him and trying to clean his trousers.

Steve now the good samaritan in the first scenario taught Kan one of his life lessons which is determination and another life lesson which wasn’t part of his but as a life bonus, life gave Kan an opportunity to learn one more lesson from Steve which is being open to ask for help when in a situation beyond you.

These life situations in the story are not coincidence the two men and their characters are telling as to who may have already learnt the lessons of compassion, appreciative heart, determination and being grateful and who need to learn these so life teach.

Thank you Kind and Loving Father our Divine Yahuah.

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