I came about this recipe after complaining and making my concern to Yahuah, my Masters, Holy Mary and Mary Magdalene. I thought the rice I cook was too plain. It may sound a bit funny about the kind of concerns I present. Our Churches preach about presenting all our burdens, concerns, worries and fears to Yahuah and He will answer.

My concern about eating too much plain rice was answered, one night my Masters, Holy Mary and Mary Magdalene remaindered me about some spices my mum bought me when I went on holiday in Ghana. From here I was directed to go online and search on the internet for spicy rice, I love what I saw.

I realise I had most of my ingredients in the cupboard the next day my Masters, Holy Mary and Mary Magdalene encouraged me to give it a try with what I had so I started with these lavender seeds, ocimum basilicum seeds, cloves seeds and Rosemary herb. What a taste in rice when I gave it a try.

More inspiration came to add other spices and ingredients when I went food shopping at Sainsbury’s supermarket, I was directed to the spices and herb isle. There I was Divinely guided to choose black peppercorns, cinnamon stick, paprika and chicken stock Knorr.

Spicy rice exists in our world and some countries, cultures and people know this but I didn’t. I was grateful and will forever be for being shown so here I am sharing Divine Spicy Rice.


Sunflower oil – 2 Table spoons

Lavender seeds – ½ Tea spoon

Ocimum basilicum seeds – ½ Tea spoon

Cloves seeds – ½ Tea spoon

Rosemary herb – ½ Tea spoon

Black peppercorns – ½ Tea spoon

Cinnamon stick – 3 to 4 pieces of the stick not the whole

Paprika – ½ Tea spoon

Chicken stock pot Knorr – 1 pot 28g

Thai Jasmine Rice – 250g

Salt – ½ Tea spoon

Water – 8 Oz or 200 ml

Serves – 1 to 2 people

Cooking Time

20 – 30 minutes


Mix your spices (lavender seeds, ocimum basilicum seeds, cloves seeds, rosemary herb, black peppercorns) and set aside.

Wash your rice and set aside.

Cooking Directions

Here is a step by step guide on how to cook Divine Spicy Rice.

Step 1
Add the oil to an already heated cooking pan ensure there is no water in the pan before adding the water if not you have the oil exploding all over the place.

Step 2
Pour the mixed spices (lavender seeds, ocimum basilicum seeds, cloves seeds, rosemary herb and black peppercorns) into the heated pan with the oil.

Step 3
Give it about 1 to 2 stir and add in your cinnamon stick and give it another stir. Fry for about half a minute.

Step 4
You are looking for a brownish colour and lovely spice aroma so do not leave on fire for too long.

Step 5
Now add your paprika and give your ingredients a stir and move on to the next step as soon as possible if not you will get black almost bent spices. Look for and maintain a brownish colour.

Step 6
Immediately add in your rice you have already washed as set aside. Give all your ingredients a good stir.

Step 7
Add in the chicken stock and stir again thoroughly at this point you will see a steamer sign as you stir with the rice slightly sticking at the bottom of the pan. There will be some slight difficulty in stirring with ease compared to before when you only had the spices.

Step 8
Add your water and salt.

Step 9
Leave it to boil for about 5 to 10 minutes and give your rice a stir.

You should see all the spice at the top of the rice when all the water has absolved. Giving it a stir ensure even distribution of your spice mixed with your rice.

Leave it to cook for about another 5 to 7 minutes. You will know your rice is well cooked when you use a spoon to take a tiny piece to taste and its tender or soft not hard. Sprinkle some water on top of the rice if its hard and leave it to steamer for anther few minutes.

You are all done with your cooking when its soft to your satisfaction. Turn the cooker off.

You can now serve.

Using Rice Cooker

If you want to use a rice cooker to finish off your cooking then rather than a cooking pan then after step 8 after adding your water and salt take it off from the cooker and turn everything into your rice cooker. Turn your rice cooker on and follow the remaining cooking directions from step 9.


You can eat it plain, it taste Divine, I like to eat it this way. Or you do have the option to eat this with Teriyaki sauce, chilly sauce or stew. You will have to experiment to see which best suit.

When it comes to meat any roast meat, poultry fried or grilled chicken, roast duck will also do and some vegetables if you prefer.

Some Caution

Be cautious when using the ocimum basilicum seeds, cloves seeds and black peppercorns, too much of these will not give you the desired result but rather a bit of a bitter taste on your tongue.

This is how I came about Divine Spicy Rice recipe an answered concerned from Yahuah, my Masters, Holy Mary and Mary Magdalene.

Thank you, my Divine Spirits, for answered concern.

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