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Here I was thinking I could pursue my own dreams and ignore my soul calling, how wrong was I. I thought I reincarnated at the wrong time but the story unfold differently.

Gone were the days when we had free will to do everything we like, run away from God’s calling and intense heart desires but no more.
A period I couldn’t run away from God I thought is now, this era of generation.

Awakened! New Earth Heaven is here!

The awaited! This is the end time. Mother Earth and people are being purified by the Great Powers of the Divine.
I got instigated by the Source without even knowing.

Things happened and I thought they were just everyday life challenges, little did I know they weren’t. I thought they’ll eventually end, go away or get solved by my own way of doing but how wrong was I.

I paid no attention or bothered to stop and think about all the mystical activities that occurred in my life. I just assumed, kept on going, hoping that things will someday get better but they got worse.

When I hit a certain degree, I realised that this wasn’t a joke any longer. Unknown to me I was in Spiritual Emergency. I don’t know who I was any more or what I represent. I have lost my identity. My core belief system is in pieces due to hash environmental characteristics.

It’s about time I take a risk, I needed a way out. I seriously really need to take a dive into deep seas. Where was I going? I just didn’t know. My next step in life was compos mentis. I had to search. Where to begin was a puzzle. I feel my life has become unknown an abrupt halt. I looked outwardly all along at wrong places, I never even thought of looking within first for find answers. It never occurred to me or crossed my mind.

I searched for old techniques to ease tension and confusion but yield nothing, it appears old concepts were being replaced with the New. The New comes with its own themes and it is work in progress guided only by the Divine Himself.

My old ways of living and strategizing life was becoming ineffective. I cried.

The old walls as I walk on the street has finally collapsed and I didn’t even know.

Only the intuition, inner knowing, knowledge in line with the New and Divine guidance helped. A spiritual being I was becoming without even knowing. It takes certain test and degrees to be fully initiated into becoming a full Spiritual Being.

It takes some level of judgement from the Divine and perusing one’s soul calling to become. I no longer have the will to plan accordingly. I can’t even see the future clearly.

I never considered inner peace to be a huge blessing until life pushed me into that extreme corner. I was very adamant to take heed to my calling and to know Yahuah properly.

Touched and guided by the Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters, I reconsider. To know God personally, part of my Divine Personal Spirituality.

Yahuah has made things so different with the blowing of New Wind. I am very pleased that I stepped into the mystical that I choose the Divine. Although very tough, difficult and sometimes confusing process. I cried throughout the process. Somewhere in the middle I reassess the situation and thought.

God is making all things New. I forgot the past and the old with support from the Angels, Archangels, and the Ascended Masters. They are all here and are helping me in doing so, they will if you call on Yahuah. Positive energies were all that I needed along with my full corporation, and to work from the heart.

The New has something about it. So heavenly! Yahuah’s promise, His Word still stands and is being fulfilled right now.

When I managed to get there, that is accepted to fully pursue my calling, I thought what a blessing! A new phenomenon and philosophy! I thought that was it. But the Angels and Archangels asked me to share my perspective and experiences but I hesitated trying to disobey but then God came and commanded me to share my experience. I thought I could still get away with it. Many were the punishments I received.

Although chaotic, tension, and confusing occasionally, these were all part of the process of the end time as Jesus Christ foretold.

I thought I reincarnated at the wrong time but I was wrong in every way. Things unfolded different. I began to realised that following my calling, and being in the Light has been the best decision to ever make.

It was about salvation as the time is now and it sum everything up. Either you choose to be in Heaven or go to Hell’s lake of fire.

I thank God Yahuah, the Angels, Archangels, and the Ascended Masters each blessed day for not giving up on me and on us. For looking into the heart and not the physical.

Yahuah knows the Divinity of my heart and so does He your hearts. The Divine knows who we are too well than we actually do to ourselves.

They (Yahuah, the Angels, Archangels, and the Ascended Masters) hope and look forward to us to choose Yahuah’s Kingdom instead of worldly things.

The initiation of New Earth Heaven. We’re all part of it. Our souls agreed to participate. A wonderful and blissful experience full of awe and mysteries. The process can be painstaking with regretful thoughts most oftentimes. All events during this process are not be perceived as punishment but rather a purgatory process.

One has to reincarnated years, several lifetimes to get where we are now. To be awakened and enlightened.

A celebratory life thanks to the Divine, His Love and Mercies. We are all going to witness together the ushering in of New Earth, Heaven together.

Life is a story, a drama, every one of us has an assigned role to play. There are twist and turns along the way to make circumstances and situations interesting and above all to aid soul growth. Sometimes you have to make some humour out of what comes. During tough storms, such as this you periodically have to laugh through and cry a bit. The craziness of life is what makes it all eventful.

Our physical being is a reflection of our Spirit, the soul. Get to know him or her to bring out the confidence within you. Divine Personal Spirituality is the New Way of Life Moving Forward to Stay Connected To the Divine Yahuah.

Appreciate Life and what the Divine has for you, your fate is now yours to make! Salvation is here awaiting your decision. This is it, the awaited Heaven. Entering heaven alive in bodily form, this belief is out there and now you get to experience the real thing, the truth. You get to decide for yourself (fate) and no one else.

Thank Yahuah and His Kingdom!

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Benedicta Tabirade


Benedicta is am a Lightworker, a Life Coach and also a Healthcare Assistant at St’ George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. I blog at MysticalDat Blog to look at Spirituality and Divine personal spirituality.

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