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While putting together one of the questions I received another truth. The garden our Divine Yahuah created all this while was not called Eden but rather Earth.

Earth is the name of the garden our Divine Yahuah created. share this

Earth is the name of the garden our Divine Yahuah created. This is another truth received from our Divine Yahuah to be shared with all. This was very crucial since I was putting together a section for children it was paramount that the right answers are rightly pointed out.

Praise and thanks giving to our Divine Yahuah and His Divine Helpers of Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters.

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Benedicta Tabirade


Benedicta MCMA (Member of The Complementary Medical Association) is am a Lightworker and a Life Coach. I am also a Healthcare Assistant at St’ George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Home Visiting Volunteer at The Furzedown Project helping the older person in community. I blog at MysticalDat Blog to look at Spirituality and Divine personal spirituality.

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