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I hear a call to go forth into the world and help others, a call I hesitated to go, I wouldn’t want to but now a call I am ready to answer even if I must sacrifice my own comfort.

My thoughts, beliefs, words and actions have an influence on the results and the outcome of all that takes place in my life so it is very vital for me to maintain a positive attitude and use my strong Faith coupled with positive affirmations to ensure the changes taking place will be for my highest good and others as well as enhance and enrich all lives.

I am going through change.

A huge change in life.

This is a blessing in disguise.

I will accept change in my life, I will call on our Divine Yahuah, my Masters Archangel Michael, Angel Jerome, Angel Jermaine, Master Enoch, Master Elijah, Master David, Master Jesus, Master Matthew, Master Daniel, Holy Mary, Holy Mary Magdalene and My Divine Higher-self at any time and when I go through any difficulty or challenge.

I will enjoy the challenges and experience to come. I will go my way in peace, love and joy to help and collaborate with our Divine Yahuah to serve our world. My mission here on earth heaven why I was born I have now established and it is a world full of possibilities.

Featured picture from Pixabay.

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Categories: Divine Soul Purpose

Benedicta Tabirade


Benedicta MCMA (Member of The Complementary Medical Association) is am a Lightworker and a Life Coach. I am also a Healthcare Assistant at St’ George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Home Visiting Volunteer at The Furzedown Project helping the older person in community. I blog at MysticalDat Blog to look at Spirituality and Divine personal spirituality.

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