Here is another one of my piece during my purification I had to know myself. I thought Divine Yahuah did not like me as a human but only like my Divine Higher-self (Spirit or Soul). I was wrong.

My previous post looked at My Divine-higher Self where I described our spirit as us in human form so I am my Divine Higher-self in the physical. We choose our human body and not Divine Yahuah given us these bodies as a way of imposing them upon us as some of us think.

I was lost in life for sometime, it was hard for me to know myself as there was so many things going on. As a child I heard people talk about these experiences never thought I will someday have this experience. People meet you and describe you for who you are as they see you, some are spot on correct with beautiful constructive feedback or criticism. Family who admire you described you for the beauties they see and correct you from certain behaves and characters that wouldn’t yield any good outcome as you grow up. I get to be called you look like my mum by several males then I read you may not find the one if it continues so I became worried, my two siblings brothers also told me the same thing, my mum comforted me to say do not take it the wrong way it is a beautiful compliment, I gained acceptance of my self. Looked into the mirror and thought.

There are many things about us, some of us may look into the mirror and think if only I had a smaller lip, a bit of a big eye, more eye lashes, a reduce bum, a lean muscles etc. I am one of those, I was not a friend of my Divine Higher-self at a certain point in life. I thought my Divine Higher-self (Spirit or Soul) was different from me then I read that our Spirit or Soul which is our Divine Higher-self chooses our human body to go through life experience. I assumed back then that Divine Yahuah would create a different body then a different Spirit will dwell within the body, we are different. I was wrong, this is not so the case. I have never critically viewed myself until my purification, one off this is me and looking into the mirror was all that it was. I did not look at myself to try and figure out who I was until I hit the rock where so many spiritual influences was happening to me. Growing up I saw myself as a whole being with spirit incorporation where I believe someday when am no more my spirit will depart from my human body. Something did happened along the way for me not to accept myself.

This piece of writing I call Defining Myself Getting To Know My Divine Higher-self (Spirit or Soul). Giving the retentive memory thanks to our Divine Yahuah as this aspect of me as written in previous post was spiritually influence, I began to remember what I use to see as me, what I positivity think it was me, what family, friends, colleagues and strangers have told me I was. I was trying to get to know myself when I went in life crisis or emergency.

I have strong Faith in our Divine Yahuah and His Divine Helpers of Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters back then. To me everything which was about Divine Yahuah I believe did good and not evil unknowing to me He had strong Helpers in Spirit and I believe for our Divine to have Angles to do good and in everything that is of our Divine.

Do not look at this piece of writing and think its all about her, no my intention is about us. Our world has seen so many of us going wrong because of insecurities, lack of love and confidence in ourselves, others have died trying to change who they are, while others at the moment are heading for destruction of themselves. We need to be helping each other to crave acceptance.

Defining Myself Getting To Know My Divine Higher-self (Spirit or Soul):

I am so sorry for ignoring you for so long.

Forgive me.

I need to know you more.

It feels good to think about myself.

I believe in myself.

I am not afraid to find the real me.

I am confidence and have self esteem.

I am beautiful.

I am intelligent.

I am smart.

I am not judgemental.

I want my eyes to be open so I can see myself.

I think I have well defined bum or buttocks.

I have well defined lips.

I have well defined eyes.

I have nice skin.

I am endured.

I love myself for who I am.

I will nurture you.

I will think before I talk.

I need to stop think about the past and move forward.

I love my hair.

I need to find myself.

I need to believe in myself.

I speak wisdom.

I think rational.

The future is bright.

I am bless.

I see people for who they are.

I give or hurts and worries away and I start anew.

I forgive all who have wronged me and I pray that all those I have wronged would also forgive me.

I no longer walk and dream, I do.

I live in the present, the now.

I will dig deep down my heart.

I will find myself.

I have a beautiful Divine Higher-self (Spirit or Soul), one that is spiritual, believes in Divine Yahuah as our Father, His son Master Jesus Christ and His Helpers of Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters and all that is good and make us One as a whole.

I am a mother.

I am a well being.

I am related to our Father.

I am a child of Divine Yahuah.

I am no more confused.

It feels good to think about myself.

I like to play a lot.

I love to learn and love this one too a lot.

I like to chat a lot.

I feel good about myself.

I like laughing.

I will not dwell in the past any more.

I am moving forward with new opportunities.

I do not give in to fears.

I do not fear anything except our Divine Father Yahuah.

My mission is to know myself and spiritually evolve as Light.

I need to know myself better, constructively the good and the bad in myself.

I accept that I have weaknesses as well as strengths, I geared towards strengthen my weaknesses in line with Light qualities while I hold on, maintain and progress positively my strengths as Light.

I understand I need to build more of my confidence level.

I need to identify my path in life.

I need to know my true values, principles, goals and needs.

I acknowledge that I am a bit chubby and find it tough battling weight problems.

I like and love good food.

I will be honest to my self and view my life positively.

Thank you loving Father Divine Yahuah and His Divine Helpers of Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters.

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Benedicta is am a Lightworker, a Life Coach and also a Healthcare Assistant at St’ George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. I blog at MysticalDat Blog to look at Spirituality and Divine personal spirituality.

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