Life is not without the old our elderly, they have work so hard and deserve some recognition. Many will acknowledge all over the world that when you grow old back in the days with grey hair mostly a sign of blessings from our Divine Yahuah. Not many get to the age to be old or experience being an elderly.

A lot has change in our world including the number of years people live these days, research, articles and news reports shows that this trend is about to grow into the future. This is not about individuals growing old in rich countries but the trend is all over, worldwide. Many are 100 years and above, still strong ongoing. We have to acknowledge the challenges that this also present but overall the goodness to know that most of us or probable all of us wants to live long and we have prayed time and time and again for our Divine Yahuah to bless us to live a bit longer on earth.

It is a surprise to know that this is happening and is now coming to our realisation, the manifestation of our prayers is what is happening. Thinking developed countries should rather see this trend is not what the reality is but one has to accept that it is not plausible to think so, this is beyond our thinking and how we analyse trends thinking our ways of living in a worthy country is making us live long, I have watched and listened to programs where presenters and guest speakers has to admit we do not know what is going on, this is not making any sense any more.

Divine Yahuah revealed the change in our growth and life span of us spirits in human form has change the evidence is what we are witnessing in the present. Most of us are going to be bless more to live longer. New Divine law and our way of living and the application of what we think it has been is no longer the way it is.

We communicate with each other and somethings dream away with some of the beautiful experiences that life used to be but we no longer see such, as young as we are we may not have seen a lot as our elders have, they love to share with us what life is, what life has been, what they have learnt, their faith and relationship with Divine Yahuah what they have learnt. There are times and number of occasions they may try to advise us but sadly at times we may look at them to say you talk too much, your time has past, not your problem among others.

Earth being school ground for us spirits in human form means the knowledge, wisdom, understanding and experience of our elderly can not be taking for granted. We should not look at our elderly and pity them to think they have nothing to give us because they are old, frail and weak. Spiritual treasures in the form of experience and everything they have being through when shared and listened to can help us greatly.

This is a space for our elderly to share with us their life stories, advice, tips for life and valuable experience they would want us the young and the world to hear. One’s elderly past life problem is a stepping stone as a solution to us. Life has helped and taught them a lot in the form of beautiful experiences and lessons. Life is Divine Yahuah blessing them with all these and they will I believe love to share with us.

Please visit Elderly Page to share with us your experience, you have to be 64 years old and above.

Thank you Might Divine Father Yahuah and His Divine Helpers of Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters.

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Benedicta Tabirade


Benedicta is am a Lightworker, a Life Coach and also a Healthcare Assistant at St’ George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. I blog at MysticalDat Blog to look at Spirituality and Divine personal spirituality.

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