This is another one of my Divine spiritual life experience where it felt like a dream and a vision, this happened during my purification. This is a real life personal event I share.

Short Story – Ocean Depth Am Thriving At the Bottom Of The Ocean Depth

Like a tsunami, ocean of water rolling higher, this is the purest of sea water I have ever witness in my life, is this real life? Like a dream or a vision? Higher and higher the rolling ocean rose, its coming at me, oh Yahuah! Am I going to survive? I bent down and splash am swamped by the ocean, am at the ocean depth, right at the bottom of the sea bed, Yahuah, can I survive?

Can I even breath but I am, Yahuah, I did, but am down, stuck deep down the ocean, can I breath, Yahuah, oh yes I am but how, I need to rise and fight on. I am up and now am walking right at the bottom of the sea bed, remarkable. The water is crystal clear the purest I have ever seen in life. I am walking deep in the ocean in clear deep waters, I seem to be paving way in the waters with my bear hands, astonishing.

I am making it, ocean depth am thriving remarkable, am alive. Suddenly I awaken to realise am sleeping at home and I couldn’t tell if this amazing event was a dream or a vision.

There is nothing impossible in life with Yahuah, the meaningfulness of having a relationship with Divine Yahuah, you know you can make it no matter what. He is our motivator a very great motivator.

This is another one of my life experience where it felt like a dream and a vision, this happened during my purification. I did not know what to do when I woke up, all I could do was to give a huge sight of relief to know that I made it through holding on to our Divine Yahuah, I survived under the ocean depth and even experienced the unthinkable to wake up and walk under the ocean depth as well as departing the wave of water for me to walk.

Much appreciation and blessing to our Divine Yahuah, my Divine Masters Archangel Michael, Angel Jerome, Angel Jermaine, Master Enoch, Master Elijah, Master David, Master Jesus, Master Matthew, Master Daniel, Holy Mary and Holy Mary Magdalene.

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Benedicta Tabirade


Benedicta is am a Lightworker, a Life Coach and also a Healthcare Assistant at St’ George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. I blog at MysticalDat Blog to look at Spirituality and Divine personal spirituality.

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