Almost two years I stepped into my calling which is my Divine soul purpose and life mission. I was going through a serious life crisis where at that time I did not know this was the case. It never felt like a life crisis I look normal but a lot was happening and they were so difficult for me to put them into words, it felt like there was no specialist out there to help. At one point my dad had to make a comment which genuinely was what one can arrived at when you keep on going on and on, he has to say your life challenges is so great and big it doesn’t seem to have a solution.

Out of what I was going through came some of the things I wrote down and when I look back, this day when our Divine Yahuah, my Masters including Holy Mary and Holy Mary Magdalene reminded me of some of the stuff I wrote down when I was almost down and I was doing all that I can to rise up including my family. At that time our Divine Yahuah was known to be as God, He was the one I held on to for help and there were Divine interventions each time I called out to Him in prayers and by any other means. I see the evidence of those interventions. At this stage no one can convince me to believe that there was no Yahuah when we live in a time where books have been published to declared there was ‘No God’, I stand to argue this is not true.

I did my fair share of prayers and fasting so did my mum, siblings, my uncles, dad, aunties and my step dad were all worried. Each of my close relations and those that love and cared about me wants to know the nature of my problem. They were seriously concerned.

Little did I know that all that was going on in my life was spiritually motivated and influenced by some individuals I was calling sometimes as family, close neighbours next door including individuals I live close by in the same building, I tried and did all I can to live by my christian values where it is written love your neighbour as your self, colleagues you respected, strangers you ones helped and much more were not what I with an open heart did what I did wished me any good in their hearts but the infliction of evil. These were all made possible for me to believe when our Divine Yahuah, my Masters, Holy Mary and Holy Mary Magdalene revealed and through time and experience I realised this is seriously the case.

I doubted at first, I did not want to believe but the reality as the situation continue to go on, then came the evidence of how they see me and behave, some of the commanding words to try instruct me, threatening words, those deadly looks and I have to wonder just what have I done to these people. The characteristics of who they are in spirit is what they show in the physical, unknown to many what they do in darkness can be sense why they get close to you it is not just about their physical appearance and what they do that gives them away. If Divine Yahuah has giving you this specific spiritual gift you can sense the negative body aura when they are close to you and when they are Light in essence you can sense their Divine aura, these I have experienced and now looking around me by the revelations and experience it all make sense to now see those that are Light and thing went wrong for me to think they are no good and those that use diplomacy to fool me to think they were who they were are in actual fact darkness. One of my previous post revealed how 2018 which is this year the year the New Starts.

We are not genuinely living our spiritual Light values and traits, although some my try to reciprocate, this is not from their hearts but by way of deception. Just how do we live, a genuine person living who they are portraying their authentic self or Divine high-self has to be questioned along with good gestures because we do not no longer see who is real, its become quite difficult for us to live.

Our definition of what earth is according to many individuals in our generation believe it is about money, sex, fame, power as well as a new trend to judge others harshly to say wether we like him or her, now this is very serious because the slightest of hate can cause a burn in the other. When Divine Yahuah removes the block that prevents us from receiving the vibration of darkness in others that emigrate towards us you can feel all their spiritual attacks. am revealing this because this was also another one of my experience I couldn’t take it. We are spirits in human form. What goes on in our heads and hearts where we think is hidden from our fellow men and women is a share between you and our Divine Yahuah and His Helpers of Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters.

out of this post comes a few of my previously written pieces I will be sharing in the coming days.

Thank your our everlasting Divine Father Yahuah and His Divine Helpers of Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters.

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Benedicta Tabirade


Benedicta is am a Lightworker, a Life Coach and also a Healthcare Assistant at St’ George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. I blog at MysticalDat Blog to look at Spirituality and Divine personal spirituality.

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