A lost generation we have become we are living as darkness, this is not us, this shouldn’t be us. Our ways of living in this generation is disturbing to many of us.

Man a reference to both men and women can be evil and is evil.

The darkness in man is a scary thing.

The reason for being here, earth heaven is going to be a huge shock and surprise to us.

The evils among us tarnished and they keep on damaging the image of our Divine Yahuah and His Helpers of Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters so that they can have their way to make us fall.

Fear your fellow men in a negative way.

Smiles are not what it seems.

Deception is what we have become and we live.

Hypocrisy has become us.

Our essence and being a representation of Light is hard to see or to find here on earth, heaven.

How do we define ourselves and justify the evil we do as true ways of living?

This is hurting us, killing and destroying us.

Where is our humility and humanity?

Evil they do and laugh, get satisfied for what they have done.

There is no say or frowning on evil.

There is no spiritual judgement you think?

I am glad Divine Yahuah is real.

Who holds us accountable for the things we do to ourselves and our fellow men when its evil.

The fall of man was brought about through evil intent.

See where we are now, displeased we are, many of us and our living.

We applaud evil and destroy good.

We praise that which is evil and frown on what is good.

We encourage sin in various forms and reward sins which eventually becomes evil.

We are enemies to each other in the form of evil we do.

Fear your fellow men in a negative way.

We are not who we think we are when you look at our human physical form.

Our world is full of darkness.

Light is almost in non existence.

There is a good reason why our intentions and what goes on in our minds are hiding from our fellow men except these are shared between our Divine Yahuah and His Helpers.

Evil has now become the fun game and those who do rejoice to their achievements of the distraction they have implemented and caused.

Some do not accept they are doing evil and their activities when they inflict on you what you see them do to you and the effect is defined as them being Satan and Devils.

These are the ways of our fellow men.

Fear man for the evils they can do to you.

Fear your fellow woman, hiding under the pretence of am vulnerable some are the beginning of real darkness.

The darkness of our fellow men has its own heights.

It is not just simple jealousy.

It is not just simple hatred.

It is not just a simple I don’t like you.

It is not just a simple envies.

These are all darkness.

There are follow ups.

Ones spiritual ability does follow up to destroy everything you are as good and Light when we think and say dark things.

The seriousness in darkness of what our world has become and the follow up of what we are about to witness which we popularly know as judgement has already being communicated.

For those who do not believe we are spirits and that there is Divine Yahuah you may classify this spiritual truth as predictions, in spiritual terms this is called prophecies.

Master Jesus came to foretold us as well as many other great prophets.

Our behaviour and ways of living and what we are capable of doing to each other is sad.

We are heavily protected so we do not see the spell of evil when our fellow men and women do this to us.

We are about to go through and experience this individually, this was part of my purification.

We are going to become Spiritual Beings.

We live in a total denial not knowing who we are, when we finally do, we will all probably weep for ourselves and each other as I did when realisation drawn on me.

We are not who we think we are, there are Light ones among us but not many.

Realising who we are and accepting this is us can be difficult and its difficult but one has to come to terms with this truth and do what is right to take the appropriate Divine spiritual intervention.

We came with individual problems and issues every one of us, the darkness within us.

We are here heaven to solve this and for us to evolve as Light.

The current state of our world heaven make this seems almost impossible for us to achieve Light qualities.

Anyone who is an enemy to Divine Yahuah is an enemy to us.

When they fight Divine Yahuah and His Helpers of Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters it is a fight which is intended on us as well.

When these evils fight anyone of us who is in the physical helping and collaborating with our Divine Yahuah know that it is a huge blow to us and a serious offence both spiritually and in physical.

These evils seek us not to evolve, they themselves have no Light accomplishment so they may wish this for others as well.

When our fellow men and women do evil and disrespect our Divine Yahuah, there are a serious implications, we are nothing to them it will be far more worst when they get to us.

Some of these evils have tried and they continue to do so up till now to steal our Divine Yahuah’s Kingdom.

Our Divine has enemies.

I was surprise to learn this from my Masters, Holy Mary and Holy Mary Magdalene.

But who wouldn’t like Divine Yahuah? This was my question I couldn’t believe this. Now things are making sense.

The hate some of us have for others is from home Sheol, similar thing applies to our Divine Yahuah not everyone He has created sadly likes or loves Him.

His own creation of us who we call ourselves humans with love do not like or love Him, our Divine Yahuah or one another.

Light qualities are real so is Dark qualities, darkness we are here to try and solve as a problem within us, all of us.

Do not be disheartened when you realised you have enemies and the people you trust are not who they are or were.

A disrespect to Divine Yahuah is who these people are and its to us as well.

They will find a way to bring us to disrespect Him as well.

Be mindful about your fellow men’s intention about Divine Yahuah, it cannot just be acquired from here, this is deeper within them.

Look at how they destroy His image as a Creator, this was to truly destroy the relationship we have with Him.

Never will our Divine Yahuah say worship me?

What for?

A good and a humble Spirit our Divine Yahuah is and Intelligently wise, He is.

Our Divine Yahuah is wise.

Wise intelligent, Divine Yahuah is.

A genius Wise He is.

His silence in the world at large is a cause for concern to us.

We are literally killing each other with aggressive means, dark intent.

When will this stop or end?

My experience of evil attack from certain individuals has not cease, it continues, the seriousness of darkness and evil forces.

Their characteristics us spirits is darkness which is why its continuing, no respect or Light qualities within them when our Divine Yahuah and my Masters, Holy Mary and Mary Magdalene intervene to warn them off, this is them.

Situation has change on my path for me to exercise a great level of freedom because Divine Yahuah, my Masters, Holy Mary and Holy Mary Magdalene prevents them.

Everyday, 24/7, 365 days in a year is a try for them to get me, so it is for many of us.

There is a huge dark force operating at our world stage right here in heaven.

Spiritual warfare we are in now, prayers is a huge package of our Divine’s Spirituality for us to help us destroy darkness and evil.

Keep on praying, never stop praying it is the first of our life solution in heaven here earth.

We are not like our Divine Creator.

We are not behaving like Light.

We have become what we shouldn’t be and our Divine Father wouldn’t approve of us.

Certainly not His Helpers of Archangel, Angels and Ascended Masters.

A lost generation we have become we are living as darkness, this is not us, this shouldn’t be us.

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