One of MysticalDat Podcast I posted today, I will like to share an inspiration that came from Divine Yahuah, Master Jesus, Archangel Michael, Angel Jerome, Angel Jermaine, Master Enoch, Master Elijah, Master David, Master Matthew, Master Daniel, Holy Mary and Holy Mary Magdalene.

Its Easter Sunday, Happy Easter to All. Thanks to Divine Yahuah for making it possible for another Holy celebration. We remember the death and resurrection of Master Jesus Christ and His Collaborative work with Divine Yahuah our Father and Creator. 

We must not forget the Catholic Church an incredible work and many great things accomplished by the Catholic Church with Divine Yahuah as confirmed by Divine Yahuah, they have done a lot of Lightworking and have gone through a lot throughout the centuries from spreading the good news about the existence of our Father Divine Yahuah and the coming of Master Jesus our Messiah at one point here on earth, Heaven. Also not forgetting all our Churches both old and young their humble beginning with Divine Yahuah started at some point the good work the Catholic Church as an institution headed by Divine Yahuah made it possible. 

As our Father Divine Yahuah revealed the start of the Catholic Church through Constantine the Great was the resurrection of Master Jesus Christ, death couldn’t silence him. This was the beginning of a new era in Heaven where practicing of Spirituality that is our Holiness took another turn in evolving and our relationship with Divine Yahuah.  

Many of us seek to understand what is meant by Divine Yahuah coming and being in the form of Master Jesus Christ. Divine Yahuah created Master Jesus as one of His beloved sons who came to help and collaborate with Divine Yahuah. Master Jesus was born a mortal man as in you and I has been, had a mother many of us know to be Holy Mary and a Father called Master Joesph. He was not conceived by the Holy Spirit who some of us now know to be Divine Yahuah, please do not refer to Master Jesus as a bastard son, he had a mother and a father born a man from a respectable family, he was and is a Holy man.

Master Jesus coming was prophesied this will be Divine Yahuah as well, at the age of 30 when he got anointed by our Father Divine Yahuah, Divine Yahuah’s spirit came and dwell in the body of Master Jesus so they became One as Father and Son to redeem us. Many great works were done. 

Ones again history is repeating itself as our long awaited foretold prophecies of a World to come and the coming of our Father and Creator Divine Yahuah unraveled before our very own eyes, this will be myself Benedicta my spirit name Holy Mary (the name maybe familiar but its not the same spirit or person as Master Jesus’s mother during those days, Master Jesus’s mother as Holy Mary was and is my spirit Mother who was in back then called Madame Matilda, her famous painting we all know Monalisa).    

Like the collaborative work Divine Yahuah did with Master Jesus Christ, I am also doing the same thing with Divine Yahuah. Our Father and Creator Divine Yahuah is presently here, He came during hurricane Doris that windy experience that occurred right here in the United Kingdom. Divine Yahuah Spirit leaves within me as we become One as TwinFlame where Divine Yahuah our Messiah purifies and restores Heaven to its beginning glorious state.  

Divine Yahuah is presently here with us  and as Twinflame doing miracles together please do not see my human body and spirit as the one doing and give me the credit because I do not do this on my own accord but by the powers of our Father His Divine Spirit that lives within me that makes all the wonders happen. My human body is a representation of Us just like Master Jesus Christ story.

Our Father Divine Yahuah is here and His Kingdom that is Spirituality is established, we have been created in the image and likeness of our Father, now Divine Yahuah has enable our spirit abilities just like Him as He promised through foretold prophecies. The way the universe work in the old is not the same anymore. A lot has changed and they continue to change. 

Divine Yahuah is here to purify us both the living and the death on earth Heaven, live among us and teach us how to live. Earth is Heaven and is not going to be destroyed with fire or brimstone this was a lie or be burnt alive in eternal fire, Heaven earth is the physical version of home. Earth Heaven is home to us.


Light, this will be the end of MysticalDat podcast for today entitled Divine Yahuah our Father and Creator Is Presently Here On Earth Heaven Like Master Jesus.

I will strongly encourage you to have a relationship with Divine Yahuah and start your Spirituality with Divine Yahuah as this is the reason why we are here. Evolving as spirits in the physical, Holiness as a way of living and spiritual practice which is Holy is our way of living, we are here to learn to become like Divine Yahuah. 

Thanks to Divine Yahuah, Master Jesus, Archangel Michael, Angel Jerome, Angel Jermaine, Master Enoch, Master Elijah, Master David, Master Matthew, Master Daniel, Holy Mary and Holy Mary Magdalene for making it possible and inspiring me to this.

Thank you and see you another time.

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