The development of our Divine Higher-self (Spirit or Soul) with Divine Yahuah will usually go through the stages stated below. These stages cannot be achieved without prayers to our Divine Father Divine Yahuah through the practicing of Spirituality with Him. 

From Divine Yahuah once born into Heaven you are a sinner (thou shall not judge). Repentance is a must for everyone, we must depart or die in Heaven to an end of a lifetime in Light achievement. 

Development Of Our Divine Higher-self With Divine Yahuah:

+ Repentance

+ Suffering (Prayer beginning level)

+ Endurance (Prayer maturing level)

+ Mercy (Deeper prayer level)

+ Perseverance (Break through level tongues prayer)

+ Turning point (Feeling Lighter in Spirit and in Body)

+ Praise  

+ The birth or development of a Light quality in replacement of the old Dark quality

Living A Spiritual Life And Staying Connected To Our Father Divine Yahuah.

Thank you Merciful Father Divine Yahuah.

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