Divine Spiritual Gifts from Divine Yahuah to Individuals to be Used in Churches and when Divinely collaborating with Divine Yahuah as directed to use them outside of the Church as well.

Share your special Divine spiritual Gifts in Heaven with your fellow brothers and sisters.

The list below are all Divine spiritual gifts giving to individuals by Divine Yahuah. These special gifts are not granted all at ones but through ones development overtime through reincarnation. They are only attainted and giving by Divine Yahuah to individuals who excel in their ascension that is their development as Holy children like our Father who created us in His form and image from His Divine Fire.  

There are several inaccurate list of these gifts out there, the authenticity of the list can be verified here as this was given and complied with Divine Yahuah. Attaining all these seven special spiritual gifts comes from Divine Yahuah and it raises one’s status to a Divine higher hight to gain Divine title a Lightworker like Master Jesus

The gifts are not in any particular order as the importance of each is valuable and hold Divine significance that should not be underestimated. They are gifts to be used in Churches across Heaven here on earth, any church which has been established in the name of our Father Divine Yahuah as a collaborative work through His guidance and appointment of the Church Pastor as an anointed child and the location should have members of the congregation bless with at least one of these gifts as the church grow. This begins with the Pastor as an anointed child of our Father, Divine gift of Teaching will be one of them and it cannot be any teaching because this gift will incorporate Divine knowledge of the Word from our Divine Father Yahuah. 

Also bear in mind that besides using these Divine gifts at Church to help beside Pastors and Elders individuals from the congregation can also use them outside of the Church as well when Divinely collaborating with Divine Yahuah.

You cannot deceive the Church to possess any of these special spiritual gifts when you do not have them in order to mock, joke, lie or play around with them in the name of our Father Divine Yahuah for one’s individual evil and selfish intent as means to destroy the Church, this is a huge sin. It happened before in the past and its still ongoing, this is a very serious case. This is still happening in Heaven whether being in Europe, Africa, Asia, America, Australia and beyond the seriousness of these ill practices cannot be overlooked at this time as it should not be happening, there are consequences.  

Disappointing as it is for us to witness the fakeness of these gifts is unbelievable and a disrespect to our Father Divine Yahuah, this has contributed in bringing our essence down where immorals and unholiness is how many are living now. We take our ways of living which is Holy a thing of a joke and nearly a thing of the past which is a shame, we are using our Holy essence which is our Light qualities to deceive, do evil, cause harm and so many other unthinkable sins. This is totally unacceptable repentance as part of our development is why we are here.

Do not use these special Divine spiritual gifts when bless by Divine Yahuah to do evil, to use it against your own Divine Father Yahuah, brothers and sisters as well as the Church. 

Do not be deceived by your evil and wicked brothers and sisters who are falling Angels to give these gifts up for money, material worth, fame or power, these, only our Father Divine Yahuah can give for eternity where no one can take away from you or claim he or she made you. 

Let no man, woman or child make a mockery, joke, lie or play with these special Divine spiritual Gifts:   

  1. Divine gift of Prophecy
  2. Divine gift of Wisdom
  3. Divine gift of Vision
  4. Divine gift of Teaching
  5. Divine gift of Tongues
  6. Divine gift Healing
  7. Divine gift of Counselor 

Thank you Divine Mighty Father Yahuah and Your Helpers of Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters. 

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