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Hello, thank you to our Father Divine Yahuah for making it possible for another podcast entitle Spiritual Truth. 

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Spiritual Truth…., yes Spiritual Truth.

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Okay, so now I know speaking of spiritual truth causes a lot of controversies, people feelings are hurt, they don’t want to know, this is the reason why we are here, it is a huge significance of us.

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That is our development, our spiritual truth is the situation that exposes everything that we need to look into our lives to keep our Holiness. We cannot live without it, we have got to live with it and change, learn how to speak it, learn how to accept it, its called accepting and repenting, now this is the learning for the soul. Accepting it or not, who you are is a huge significant milestone we all need to learn. 

A change in tone of voice.

We are eliminating our spiritual truth, we are denying our truth, when we do not accept the truth, the truth is what it takes when Divine Yahuah anoints and appoints individuals deem Holy and fit enough to communicate to us and us individually when we see.

We need to communicate our spiritual truth, we shouldn’t be eliminating our truth and hiding our truth. Accepting our spiritual truth helps with our repentance, helps with our development, helps us to maintain our Holiness with Divine Yahuah. This is how He created us, His beloved children Angels like Him. We were created Holy.

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Once again we try again, we need to assess our lives, we eliminate the truth, what is not acceptable, we embrace what is acceptable, now, spiritual truth is something which is key and is part of our lives and is everything that is our characteristics. We accept the negatives take it in good faith as constructive feedback and we repent because this is why we are here to see those darkness communicate back to us, thanks to our Father Divine Yahuah who appoint and anoint His Holy children to communicate, we pay them with respect for teaching us not to kill them.    

In my humble opinion based on my experience we learn to adapt our spiritual truth and take to heart to repent. It is learning, accepting what it is and changing where needed be and when it is Hoy we excel through not to diminish.

A change in tone of voice.

Our Father Divine Yahuah is a Father full of love, He is a forgiver of sins, but remember, we sin no more, we progress with those forgiving sins which we call darkness when forgiven we make the effort to reinstall back the Light we lost the Holy quality, so it is repentance. We go, your sins are forgiven by Divine Yahuah and you note it is go and sin no more.    

We die with Light in our heart, just as we were created by our Father and when we are reborn through birth we are renewed with Holiness so we depart in Light and in Holiness and not in Darkness with heavy heart. We die with our Father Divine Yahuah in heart in Light, repentance. This is fulfilment, this joy of our heart, this is everything we came to seek development in Holiness, Spirituality with Divine Yahuah. We can find these within spiritual truth which needed to be communicated. It is something we embrace not reject, it is our Father who appoint for us to speak it and He encourages all of us for the benefit. We live in Holiness, His appoint Holy Preachers, Pastors, Prophets, Angels, Messengers are all part of His effort to help us live the Vision, Mission and Purpose we all share.

Thank you.

I express my sincere thank to our Father Divine Yahuah and Master Jesus, Archangel Michael, Angel Jerome, Angel Jermaine, Master Enoch, Master Elijah, Master David, Master Matthew, Master Daniel, Holy Mary and Holy Mary Magdalene for making it possible for me to understand the context of Spiritual Truth. This completely different from judgment or judging someone. Spiritual Truth need to be par of us, thank you.  

Sound truck now playing Eyes Of Glory by Aakash Gandhi. 

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