Spirituality with King Divine Yahuah Our Father and Creator is Our Development. His Mighty Works upon our Lives Done in Spirit through One on One Relationship with Him as A Spirit is why we are here in Heaven, Earth.

Heaven which is Earth is Home the Physical side of our Existence and the Spirit side which many of you now know and are having spiritual experience is in actual fact not our Permanent original Spirit Home, only our Father knows.

King Divine Yahuah Our Father Established and Leads the Church.

We are here to live with Him and re-establish our relationship with Him as His Holy Children, Angels He has Created. To get to know Him as He helps us know ourselves.

The Relationship we have with our Father King Divine Yahuah is called Spirituality. Prayers is the very first and foremost the right channel which is the right way of communication to establish your Relationship.

Going Through Life Problems?

Try Praying To Our Father King Divine Yahuah To Solve Them Together.

Relationship through Spirituality with Our Father King Divine Yahuah in Heaven is the Right Way of Living in Heaven.

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