Next Time It’s Going To Be You was the start of a long thread of Tweets on Friday at 6:24 am 24th July 2020 on Twitter as our Father King continue to reveal how these evils inflicts evil on Me as I suffer, We Suffer Together as in King Divine Yahuah and Myself.

He heals Me, He heals Us but these evils do it again and again I get healed by King but these evils would not stop. They sit back to laugh King reveals, they have not been there before as in these Suffering of Pain and Anguish they inflict and even if they do they think they are the greatest in evil to endure and heal so they don’t care. They continue to do it over and over again, evil is pleasures of their hearts, their hearts are as cold as the Word Cold.

Many in our World today wants it this way, Hell, where they do evil even in the Presence of our Divine Father King @OurDivineYahuah and they do this to Him without Fear they inflict evil to King as it is His Spirit Lives within Me as His Twin and We do this Together as One, as they did to Him and Master Jesus in the past they do Us Evil without thinking of Repenting. I Forgive them as our Father King Forgives Me and Us and give us a Second Chance to Repent for Good for Eternity.

This is the situation in Heaven with chaos and catastrophes from left to right talking about Coronavirus (COVID-19) causing a lockdown across Heaven from North, South, East and West. I am glad King our Divine Father @OurDivineYahuah was in time to change everything to Help give us and to give us the right Guidance as I Help His as His Anointed Light-worker. Through it all our Endurance with Him we excel to Persevere to Achieve our Divine Mission in Heaven here on Earth. Many of us have turned Evil, We have created Hell, His Children have turned Heaven into Hell so a series of Tweets I share here as a Poem.

If you would like to follow King Divine Yahuah our Holy Father and Creator on Twitter then this will be His Twitter Account @OurDivineYahuah and MysticalDat is @MysticalDatBene.

Poem: Next Time Its Going To Be You

Next time it’s Going to be You.

We live in Hell. #ThisIsHeaven

As it is you have established. #Hell

As you wanted it. #Hell

When our Holy Father King approves. #Hell

We Now Live. #Hell

Situation is #Hell. #ThisIsHeaven

King our Holy Father and Creator @OurDivineYahuah Lives with Us in Heaven. #ThisIsHeaven #EarthIsHeaven

You’ve worked so hard to achieve #Hell because you said you don’t want to go to Heaven. Your actions creates Hell. #EarthIsHeaven #ThisIsHeaven

As the Wise will observe a Situation and say if their is Hell then this place is Hell. #TheWiseAreRight

You are Already in Heaven Living with King @OurDivineYahuah our Holy Father and Creator in Heaven your actions creates Hell. You are Evil to Create Hell, We are Holy. Earth is Heaven. Earth is Called Heaven #LivingWithKingInHeaven #EarthIsCalledHeaven

We can Endure with Faith in our Holy Father King we shall overcome with our heads bow in shame we Repent and Forgive as our Holy Father Forgives Us and gives us a Chance to Repent and Return to our Light. Light is Holy. King is Merciful #Holy #Heaven #Earth

Tweeted at 6:24 am · 24 Jul 2020 from Wandsworth.

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This is the end.

My heart appreciation and thanks goes to King Divine Yahuah our Holy Father and to My Masters that is Master Jesus, Archangel Michael, Angel Jerome, Angel Jermaine, Master Enoch, Master Elijah, Master David, Master Matthew, Master Daniel, Holy Mary and Holy Mary Magdalene.

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