Earlier on today I Tweeted a series of Tweets about a Revelation our Father King Divine gave Me in regards to His other Holy Symbol Snake beside His Cross and then Podcast it as He Divinely Guided Me to do so here is the Transcript.


Hello Light, its been a while since I last Podcast, thanks to our Father and Creator King Divine Yahuah for making it all possible ones again and also to My Masters, Master Jesus, Archangel Michael, Angel Jerome, Angel Jermaine, Master Enoch, Master Elijah, Master David, Master Matthew, Master Daniel, Holy Mary and Holy Mary Magdalene, I thank them all.

Today’s Podcast is about our Father King Divine our Father’s other Holy Symbol beside the Cross, Snake so a Podcast entitled “Snake An Important Holy Symbol Of Our Father King”.

I have already Tweeted most of the information I am going to Podcast today on Twitter on MysticalDatBene account https://twitter.com/MysticalDatBene

These Tweets are very important so close to My Heart so I would like to share this through this platform as King Divine Guided Me to, please do Kindly share as well to spread the Word. 

Without editing much from the original as I podcast these would be what I Tweeted earlier:

Snake An Important Holy Symbol Of Our Father King:
Moving forward you do Not Kill a Snake as this is our Holy Father and Creator King Divine Yahuah His Symbol. Snakes are Sacred this will be our Father King, seeing one or a visit to your home as He did many times when I was young was Him. It is forbidden to Kill snakes

Do Not Hit or Kill Snakes when you see One like I did when I saw one because of a lie Abraham (Obama) “that is present day Obama:, manipulated our Spiritual Text in the Bible, Quran etc that Snake which is Lucifer was Satan evil. Hitting this Snake when I was Young tuned out was King, He Revealed “today” I hurt Him.

Since when Obama (Abraham) lied about Snakes A Holy Sacred Animal Symbol of our Holy Father King @OurDivineYahuah called Lucifer and His Deception for Madame Eve to Eat the Forbidden Fruit “as you know the Apple” & then gave it to Master Adam the First Man King Created many see snakes & kill It because

Many see Snakes and kill it as they think its because of Him Mankind Fall and we are all “are” Suffering this is a complete lie Obama (Abraham) “back then” told knowing that the Snake is Sacred a Symbol of our Father King @OurDivineYahuah. Obama was the one who made Mankind Fall, as US President. “And back then he did that to make mankind fall because as a prophet he failed and now in present day given him the opportunity our Father gave him he as US present he make mankind fall again

Whenever you see a Snake do Not Fear just mention the Name of our Father King.

You evils Beware Snakes are Holy this will be King Our Father a Symbol of Him Do Not Kill Him when you See One this will be King @OurDivineYahuah our Father and Creator. “And I have got a hashtag saying do not kill snakes” #DoNotKillSnakes #Snakes

Ones again you evils be Warn if you tempt or try to turn yourself into Snake to Deceive or hurt anyone you will be Killed as one did when one appeared on top of my Grandma’s Cocoa under her pillow back in the Village in Ghana Asikam it got killed it that wasn’t King. #Snake

Its not even funny for Obama (Abraham) to disrespect our Holy Father King & lied about Him in the Bible. I began to hate Snakes & was determined to Kill all #Snakes in Heaven as Lucifer the Snake make us Fall we Suffer a Lie, coming from Ghana in Africa our Suffering and my own.

Disgusting Obama (Abraham) is proud, the Anti-christ in this era as he blows his horn as King reveals and he calls himself God. Obama thinks he has achieve Beware “Beware” with him and his lies, more than 2000 years ago when he lied about King & the people demonstrated this is his intent.

Its Not acceptable for Obama (Abraham) to destroy our Family for the many chance our Father King has given him to repent after the lie when he killed Isaac with his Twin Shara (Cherie) “modern day Cherie Blair the wife of Tony Blair”, “Obama as Abraham also” he killed King & Master Jesus “His First Coming, when they were Crucified on the Cross”, he planned to do it again to Me & he has been trying endlessly.

This will be the end, thank you for listening, see you again some other time may King Divine our Father be with you. Thank you.

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