King is our Holy Father and Creator Called King Divine Yahuah, He created us and the whole universe including the world we live in which He gave the name Heaven.

The idea about Creating a Monkey came to King’s mind when He Created Me His Twin as Feminine beside Him, King gave Me the name Baby. My behaviour at My early onset was like the behaviour of a Monkey he created as I had strong qualities which has not yet developed into a full maturity of the Human perfection which is the Perfection of a Matured Spirit like Him. My character and behaviour at that time with different temperaments and emotions more to the point the way I behave made Him create Monkeys to admire, I not surprise many love them although I must admit at that age when He created them because of how I behave I was not pleased with that I find them to be silly but today I am cool with them and find them adoring regardless at one point being called a Monkey by a member of the general public here in the United Kingdom (UK) because of My colour as I serve as a Healthcare Assistant to help the sick in the Hospital with King as He lives within Me.

Charles Darwin discovered the truth and then lied to the world to deceive and challenge our Father King Divine Yahuah about Creation.

There are various kind of animal species among them the famous Monkeys, we all marvelled how King Divine Yahuah created them because their intelligent level is as if next to Human which some assert Human came first then Monkeys. Scientists with their love for Science have looked into the evolution of animals and their development over time among them the species of Monkeys which Charles Darwin many may remember discovered the behaviour of Monkeys as Human like behaviour, sadly he used this discovery to lie to the world to cause confusion so as to prove King Divine Yahuah does not exist as we have witness around this era when the time came, part of these evils making all believe in us being Humanism rather than spirits in Human form Created by King. Darwin lied about Human Creation to challenge our Spiritual Truth our Holy Father King exist that is He is real and has pass on from generation to generation about His existence and how he created us in His Form and Image through the Church in the Bible.

Darwin allowed himself and those who are evils deceive and persuade him to lie to the world about Human Creation so it ended up in science test books at school, I was surprise to learn about this in school at Abuakwa State College (Abusco) Form 2 when our Social Studies Teacher mention this fact “Science is challenging” our Spiritual Truth that “Humans were created from Monkeys”, I was shock about this. The Teacher had my full attention in class as well as everyone else because the class went all dead silence when our Class Prefect Frank Opoku-Gyimah has not demand our silence assuming there was any noise. Darwin’s discovery later on I learnt about ‘Humans evolving from Moneys’, that can not be I thought.

A few of My class mates and I were standing outside of our classroom after our Social Studies lesson and a conversation came up about the existence of our Father and Creator King Divine Yahuah and what we have learnt in class about Human evolution from Monkeys to Human perfection because of the way we behave, I found this very upsetting and a total lie I believe the West especially Europe were deceiving us because someone must have created these Monkeys they sometimes call Chimps to have them evolve to become us the Humans on that note I strongly believe in the Existence of our Holy Father King Divine Yahuah who is Our Creator of Us in His Form and Image just like Him then comes the Creation of Animals like the Monkeys, He exist because of the Church, if not the Church does not make sense and we as well do not make any sense as there will be Judgement in the end to look at all the sins and evil. There is a good reason why we are here on Earth which is Heaven.

Being a strong Christian as My Family are, baptise into the Church at a very young age I have heard the verse about Creation of Man and Woman before Science from the Scriptures the Memory verse below in the Bible, Genesis 1:27

“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them”. (Genesis 1:27, New International Version)

Earlier on this week our Holy Father King Reveals a lot to Me about how He came about in Creating Monkeys, as usual He direct Me to share this on My Twitter Account @MysticalDatBene so here below are the revelations on how King came about in Creating Monkeys as part of animal species, I have already share some of these in the beginning of this blog post.

Original Tweets

Tweets About The Creation Of Monkeys By King Divine Yahuah

7:03 AM · Sep 1, 2020 from Wandsworth, London
King reveals when He Created Me in My early onset with My strong Baby qualities My behaviour made Him Create Monkeys in good Faith now Darwin with his study of Monkeys lies to the World about Creation Man made from Monkeys and the nonexistence of King and People believe this.

7:12 AM · Sep 1, 2020 from Wandsworth, London
These evils used Science to lie to change the world & steal it Darwin one of them our Divine Father King granted him the intelligence he studied Monkeys. Darwin lied about Creation base upon his Discovery the parallels of Monkey & Human behaviour to challenge our Holy Truth

7:18 AM · Sep 1, 2020 from Wandsworth, London
They use science to steal our World which’s Heaven & belongs to King our Holy Father @OurDivineYahuah as He lives above us, below & among Us, He Develop us and provide our Needs He innocently didn’t think as they lied to challenge our Holy Truth many accepts we came out of Monkey

7:36 AM · Sep 1, 2020 from Wandsworth, London
I’m Highly disappointed in Darwin’s so called whatever the Fuck to call it to Deceive the World. King’s second Coming which’s the Experience We are in at the Moment as King’s Spirit Lives within Me similar like Master @MasterJesusChr2 and I get called Monkey because of My Skin

7:05 PM · Sep 1, 2020 from Wandsworth, London
Watch Charles Darwin movie on Monkeys, how these evils convince him to lie to the world & how he battles with his own demons & inner darkness, his relationship with King @OurDivineYahuah our Holy Father for all the good He has done for him, Darwin betrayal

Creation is a deeply moving and inspirational story about how Charles Darwin overcame all obstacles to create one of the most explosive ideas in history and …

Charles Darwin Movie On Creation

9:38 PM · Sep 1, 2020 from Wandsworth, London
Now we know we are all Fucking Chimps that is if you truly believe this shit that we are Monkeys which aren’t

9:39 PM · Sep 1, 2020 from Wandsworth, London
We are Not Monkeys King our Holy Father @OurDivineYahuah Created Us in His Form and Image the Human perfection as you can see Not Monkeys.

9:46 PM · Sep 1, 2020 from Wandsworth, London
We are King’s Creation image and form our Developmental stages becomes a problem with challenges like my onset so the creation of Monkeys by King @OurDivineYahuah Never are we Monkeys but Spirit Creation Like Him the Human Perfection as We can see the Beauty to Admire. #Monkey

9:26 am · 9 Sep 2020 from Wandsworth, London
Another enlightenment that King Reveals when creating Monkeys, it wasn’t just Mine character and Behaviour He used in Creating them, His actions were also manifested into them you can notice this when you observe the actions and reactions of Monkeys and as Family. #MonkeyCr

To conclude, Darwin has been such ungrateful being for his inappreciativeness in heart and arrogance to challenge our Father King Divine Yahuah when he was having a relationship him as a Christian and a created son, He has granted abounded of knowledge and wisdom overall the intelligence King granted Darwin to research Monkeys for his love for them King as does and Me He Helped him. Darwin with his arrogance and darkness made himself and his fellow evils convince him to fool the world with lies to change our Spiritual Truth as you can see from the movie Creation if you ever watch it.

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