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MysticalDat (Mystical Divine) Blog is an accompanying website to MysticalDat Faith-based Life Coaching. It is dedicated to Yahuah and His Helpers of Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters. It is in regards to sharing received messages and insights about the awakening of mankind as well as my own personal experience, current ongoing world purification process along with a look at Spirituality, Divine personal spirituality, spiritual understanding into meaning of life and the examination of life from a worthwhile perspective for one’s spiritual growth.

As I stepped into my Divine soul purpose and life mission I have been Divinely directed to lead Spirituality and teach Spirituality as a Lightworker.

Spirituality concerns Yahuah, His Mighty works and will on our lives done in Spirit. It involves a whole lot of things, a few of which comprises trying to find the meaning to life, searching for one’s Divine soul purpose and life mission, beginning a journey to become a spiritual being, living a spiritual life as a being and spiritual practices.

Part of MysticalDat’s goal is to bring all together and to become One with our Creator Yahuah through individual Divine personal spirituality regardless of who we are in society, our ethnicity, religious or none and social class. This is about sharing a common objective of living a spiritual life in harmony and staying connected to our Creator an ultimate goal where our world is full of happiness for the common good of all.

MysticalDat Faith-based Life Coaching

MysticalDat Coaching Service is about assisting individuals through the ongoing purification process initiated by our Divine Yahuah.

This is a life coaching service with Faith approach and Holistic incorporation. For more on my coaching service please click here MysticalDat.

MysticalDat Store

Yahuah Blog under Divine Yahuah’s guidance is now MysticalDat Store. Previously an official website dedicated solely to our Divine Yahuah.

To visit the website please click here MysticalDat Store.

Divine Yahuah Professional Body

Divine Yahuah Professional Body (DYPB) is a professional body created under the guidance from our Divine Yahuah. Divine Yahuah Professional Body seek to bring anyone who step into the New to fulfil their Divine soul purpose and life mission under one Professional Body.

You spiritually evolve while helping others, our communities, societies and our world when you pursue your Divine soul purpose and life mission.

Some of us seek to be empowered, help change our world, help others, be known for the talent or natural skills and abilities we have and be recognise for helping our communities these you can achieve and possibly more when you step into your Divine soul purpose and life mission.

For more information on how to become a member please click on this link and click here if you would like to visit our DYPB Member website.

Personal Profile

Benedicta Tabirade MCMA (Member of The Complementary Medical Association) is a Lightworker and a Faith-based Life Coach. I am also a Healthcare Assistant at St’ George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Home Visiting Volunteer at The Furzedown Project helping the older person in community. Some of my guiding principles for coaching includes honesty, learning and positivity. I believe in a world full of happiness.

Mission Statement
My mission as a Lightworker and a Life Coach is to assist individuals stay motivated, empowered, change, grow and self-actualise in the end with long term outlook where one can live up to their full potential by fulfilling their Divine soul purpose and life mission. Another mission of mine is to promote Divine personal spirituality where we can all become One with our Creator Yahuah regardless of who we are in society by living a spiritual life and staying connected to Yahuah.

Our spiritual aspect of being forms a huge part of our essence, however in recent times this has greatly been neglected deeply. I believe it’s time we get to know our Creator personally.

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Thank You To Our Divine Yahuah

And to my Masters Archangel Michael, Angel Jerome, Angel Jermaine, Master Enoch, Master Elijah, Master David, Master Jesus Christ, Master Matthew, Master Daniel, Holy Mary, Mary Magdalene and all Yahuah’s Helpers in spirit for their amazing work on our lives.

Please bear in mind that this is a self-improvement approach to assist personal growth with the purpose to support medical treatment. Although a Member of The Complementary Medical Association (CMA) I am a Faith-based Life Coach and not qualified or trained to diagnose any medical condition or provide psychoanalysis as well as not trained as an authorize doctor or psychiatrist. Please contact appropriate qualified specialist for advise on any conditions concerning Health and Medical treatment.

Please refer to Blog Disclaimer and Privacy Policy pages for more details about usage of this site.

I welcome any enquiries please use the Contact Form to get in touch or you can send me a direct email to

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