Next Time It’s Going To Be You

Next Time It’s Going To Be You was the start of a long thread of Tweets on Friday at 6:24 am 24th July 2020 on Twitter as our Father King continue to reveal how these evils inflicts evil on Me as I suffer, We Suffer Together as in King Divine Yahuah and Myself.

What Love Is

What Love Is was First Published On Twitter 12:37 pm · 24 May 2020, this Tweet came about as King Divine Yahuah our Father Reveals I will get criticise by others for collaborating with our Father. What others perceive, they don’t understand. Its all about Love as my Twin and my Father, Our Father I call Daddy, to Self Sacrifice with Him like Master Jesus did with Him more than 2000 years ago as they died on His Cross together due to Evil I do similar thing with Him Today.

Benedicta Tabirade


Life Coach

Helping bring us together as One with our Divine Yahuah.