Please read and familiarise yourself with forum guidelines and rules. Some of these will be applicable when making comments on blog posts.

The following codes applies to each forum, having these set of guidelines and rules ensures everyone in our community is comfortable to contribute. This also promotes a healthy and friendly environment to share ideas, learn, progress and assist personal growth.

Please be responsible and considerate to fellow members when sharing and discussing ideas on forums.

Part of MysticalDat’s goal is to bring all together and to become One with our Creator Yahuah through individual Divine personal spirituality regardless of who we are in society, our ethnicity, religious or none and social class. This is about sharing a common objective of living a spiritual life in harmony and staying connected to our Creator an ultimate goal where our World is full of happiness for the common good of all.

Contribute responsibly with love, open mind, and care for one another without abuse or intimidation to others. Remember we are made out of Pure Divine Love. We are members of Light and Oneness with our Father Yahuah who is our Divine Creator. Yahuah loves us and accepts us individually for who we are.


Make an initial forum search before posting a new topic

Do some initial forum search before posting a new topic as this ensures there are no duplicates in topics where discussions have already started.

Be descriptive and concise when starting a new topic

It will be of great help to both administrator and fellow members when titles and body of the message for new forum topics are descriptive and concise. This enables providing the right discussions and postings.

Be appreciative and treat others with respect

Be thankful when contributions are made by administrator and fellow members towards raised topics. Treating others with respect at all times on forums makes our community more connecting and encourage unity.


All members must be 16 years and above to register as a member and to participate in forums.

Please be polite, considerate and open minded when making a discussion, posting or starting new topics.

Please do not insult, curse, intimidate or abuse others on forums or when commenting on blog posts.

Usage of offensive or abusive language, aggressive behaviour, racial words or attacks are not allowed in postings and discussions or when making comments on blog posts.

Personal attacks on administrator and fellow members will not be tolerated.

Please post topics in relevant forums, unrelated topics in wrong forums will be moved to appropriate forum by administrator without any prior notice.

No spamming of any sort this includes advertising, self-promotion and any unrelated materials that does not contribute to our community.

Please do not reveal or request personal details.

One account per person.

Be reasonable and do not share or post images or links that may be offensive to others in forums or when commenting on blog posts. Content will be deleted if any are found. Offenders will be banned if such activity keeps on reoccurring.

No sharing of illegitimate materials.

Members must demonstrate their interest in participating towards healthy topics that is in line with our community and not start arguments on pointless topics that can cause forum fights. Violators will be warned with an implemented banned in place should it be of the extreme if such activities are carried out.

If it becomes clear that a fellow member’s intention is not to positively contribute towards discussions that aid learning, progression, and contributes to personal growth in others to assist our community then there will be an indefinite banned for these individuals.

Any unrelated topics shall be deleted with immediate effect by administrator without notice.

Forums will closely be monitored, administrator reserves the right to delete or close forums as and when necessary.

Please be advise that new topics cannot be created on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday.

Rules are applicable to all irrespective of individuals.

What happens when rules are broken

Depending on severity of the situation, warnings will be giving if the situation requires such action and an immediate indefinite ban from MysticalDat forums will apply should extreme circumstances occur.

If you have any complaints, problems or should you notice rules being broken by someone else please report this to administrator for appropriate action to be taking.

Membership Termination

User privileges with MysticalDat are effective until terminated. The community platform and forums will be closely monitored and any unacceptable behaviour such as hate, threatening behaviour, racial attack or usage of any offensive words will not be tolerated. Membership will stop if such behaviours are carried out without prior notice should a member fail to comply with any terms of use as a community member.

All members must be 16 years and above to register as a member, by accepting forum terms and conditions when signing up you also confirm that you are 16 years old and above. Your membership will be terminated if discovered that you are below this age.

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