Faith-based Life Coaching

MysticalDat coaching service is about assisting individuals through the current ongoing purification process initiated by Yahuah.

This is a life coaching service with Faith approach and Holistic incorporation. 

Faith-based life coaching assumes that we are all spirits in human form thus there is a need for us to sometimes solve our life challenges with some spiritual guidance.

Coaching focuses on matters in the present and improvement for the future. It is non-judgmental.

Coaching Service Is Held Through 3 Means

Telephone Coaching

Life coaching sessions are held over the phone.

Video Conferencing WebEx Coaching

Life coaching sessions are done via video conferencing WebEx.

Email Coaching

Life coaching sessions are done through emails.

The ultimate goal during the coaching relationship is to assist individuals stay motivated, empowered and eventually self-actualise by bringing their Spirit into form where one’s mind, body, emotion and spirit becomes harmonious to overcome any challenges as well as for them to discover and live their Divine soul porpose and life mission.

If you need that little push and encouragement when you go through life challenges or you want to find your Divine soul purpose and life mission, I’m available to support and facilitate if you need a Life Coach. I presently coach individuals who are 18 years old and above.

Please visit my Faith-based Life Coaching Service Website for more details.

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