Our Creator’s original name is Yahuah and its Hebrew. This is our Creator’s Divine spiritual name in His Kingdom. I am referring to God as Yahuah throughout my blog because this is our Creator’s preferred choice of name. It is logical as during this purification time Yahuah would want to be known by His actual name since the New is being ushered in.

There are so many names given to our Creator, I wondered on several occasions what exactly is our Creator’s real name. Through prayers I was lead to a website called SEED TO THE SOWER FOUNDATION, this was where I found the answer to my prayers and question. I continued praying as I wanted to know if Yahuah will be the preferred choice of name our Creator would want me to use as I step into my Divine soul purpose and life mission. Through Divine revelation the answer I got was our Creator would prefer we call and use Yahuah. Our Divine’s real original name.

Yahuah as a name means everything.

Replacing God with Yahuah ever since has given me a new denotation and an idea of the type of Divine Spirit our Creator is. I tried calling Yahuah both out loud and slowly, when pronounced the sounds and echoes from Yahuah’s name is humbling, has meaning, is spiritual and admiring, and powerful. I slowly began to get the idea Yahuah is individual single Divine Being and I can relate as being created in Yahuah’s image and form as human and Yahuah is a Mighty Spirit.

When I pronounced Yahuah out loud I sense Power and Mightiness in Yahuah’s name. You get the instant attraction of saying Yahuah’s name alone has the authority to do Great wonders, like a magnetic field it can resonate one’s spirit to join in praise and worship.

As soon as I mentioned Yahuah slowly it came out like whisper of breath of air, a resemblance of the word Spirit. There is this feel of poshness, care, gentleness with Divine meaning to it. Everyone can associate and go to Yahuah as a helpful, fun, and loving Father who wants the best for His children.

Yahuah’s name when pronounced with meaning can cast out and do many things and it can overcome everything.

Truly Yahuah’s name does represent everything that Yahuah is, for instance Yahuah has been described as everlasting, loving, kind, compassionate, intelligent, powerful, and the list goes on and on. Yahuah’s name does parallel the true Living Creator He is and has always been described to be through time.

When one pronounces Yahuah and pounders on Yahuah’s name you will discover there is this personal connection and meaning to the name as if you are talking to a real person although Yahuah is Spirit it’s almost like He is physically present among us.

As years passed by and centuries came Yahuah’s name got replaced with so many and Yahuah was eventually given the title God. Just as one will add a name. If I am to propose a new title for our Divine Yahuah I will humbly suggest Divine.

A website called Yahuah Kingdom has written extensively and beautifully about our Creator’s name. It’s origins, meanings and how it evolved to change overtime as time passes on.

Yahuah has been described as “a single, personal, inaccessible, omniscient, omnipresent, imperishable and almighty God who is the creator of all things in the universe”.

You can draw inspiration from the Bible where our Creator Yahuah was described as a Spirit.

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